Top 5 Awesome Screen Enclosures in Miami – 2017

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We’ve searched far and wide for our favorite screen enclosures in South Florida, and we came across these unique and beautiful structures! These homeowners spared no expense in the creativity department, and ended up with additions to their home that exemplified and magnified their living spaces. Screen enclosures not only offer additional benefits such as keeping children safe, lowering the cost of the pool cleaning, eliminating bugs, debris and harmful UV sun rays, they also add value to your home that supersedes the cost of installation and building.

Take a look at some of our most favorite structures in Miami:

This beautiful home had the luxury of building their screen enclosure overlooking a relaxing and extremely peaceful body of water. They chose a white coloring for their beams as to blend in with the sky and background offering an open feel, as though swimming in nature itself, yet without the bugs and other critters that could be swimming along side you!

This featured screen enclosure was completed by LPG Screen Enclosures.

This is one way to enjoy nature, enclose it in your screen porch! The best thing about patios is that you literally can enjoy the outdoors without all it’s nuisances such as the, bugs, critters and harmful UV rays. These homeowners took their enclosure to a different level, and kept nature as intact as possible, just with a bit of protection so that they can enjoy their outdoor events in ultimate comfort. I believe there is even enough room for a backyard picnic in the grass. The pets also love it!

This screen enclosure in the Miami area was completed by KwickScreen.

Yes, this is indeed a single family residential home, despite any thoughts you may have had of it being a commercial hotel. It may just be the most creative design of a screen enclosure that I have ever seen. They were able to incorporate the mega porch right into the round work of their home. This design which uses transom walls to raise the elevation of the roof, gives extra overhead height.. It does not get any better than this as far as screen enclosure architecture!

This is another project by KwickScreen.

This simple yet elegant design transformed what could have been a normal screen enclosure into a Mediterranean masterpiece. With the addition of the grecian columns the home was able to make the porch a part of the house’s structure, increasing the value with its beauty along with its additional outdoor living area. I have not reached out to KwickScreen, the contractor of this project, for clarification but the columns may either be concrete or decorative foam, my intuition would lead me to believe that they are concrete.

* A Kwik Screen design

By embedding lights into the frame of this screen enclosure, the family created an outdoor living space that is able to be enjoyed at night, just as wonderfully, if not more, than during the day. They have brought the stars into their home, and manifested a beautiful setting to be enjoyed by all, bug free, clean and easily maintained.

This is another awesome project by Kwickscreen!

With the beautiful Florida weather, screen enclosures are a blessing to have. They allow families to partake in outdoor activities in a comfortable, safe and private environment.

*All featured in this blog post were completed by US Aluminum.

We did say 5 but this one deserves a mention! The sheer size make it a difficult builder for most companies. The change in eave-height (roof line) further make it a bit more complicated ensuring that all the self mating beams mesh up correctly.. If you look to the top you’ll notice knee braces in place for increased wind capacity in our area..

This excellent screen enclosure was built by Dulando Screen in the Orlando area.

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