Top 5 Awesome Screen Enclosures in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach

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Expect nothing but the best as we search the beautiful Boca Raton and West Palm Beach for our favorite screen enclosures. Although bigger does not necessarily mean better, the creativity that some homeowners and architects displayed in their designs on the larger homes in the area are definitely worth a mention. Here, screen enclosures are more than just an outdoor, bug free and convenient environment, they have become a value inducing, extension of indoor living, outdoors. Let’s take a look at the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

Here is stunning pool patio that matches the base of the home, and creates an outdoor room extension type feel over just a basic screen enclosure. They have even matched the roofing over a portion of the patio to that of the home. This structure with its mediterranean style columns not only ads beauty to the home, but it makes for a very strong, and more hurricane safe structure.

This is a featured screen enclosure in the Boca Raton area was completed by Venetian Builders.

If you blink your eyes, you may think you’ve entered an exclusive resort. This may just be the most interesting, and creative screen enclosure we’ve found in both locations, as we have yet to see columns located in the middle of the porch with decorative curtains framing the pool. While the screen enclosure itself is rather large in size, it is the décor that brings it all together.

This design is definitely unique, ads beauty to the home, and structurally speaking, ads an additional level of security in a location that is highly prone to high winds, hurricanes and tropical storms.

This awesome screen enclosure was built by PhilScreens.

These homeowners chose a different approach. Rather than enclosing the entire pool area with one large screen cage, they left the pool and central patio area open, and enclosed around it. Upon looking closely at the picture, you will see the patio extends in an “L” shape along the perimeter of the pool.

Some people prefer the pool open for a complete outdoor experience with warmer temperatures. What is also unique and distinct about this enclosure is the screen “french double doors” they chose to have installed to enter the pool area.. This lets them get their furniture in and out of the patio with ease!

Another awesome screen enclosure by Venetian Builders.

When you find large palm trees within an enclosure, you can rest assured it is mighty large in size, and majestic in nature. This one of a kind above ground pool and garden ensemble takes the idea of a screened in porch to an entirely new level. It is almost as if they encapsulated their own private botanical hideaway. Here the screen acts as a barrier to protect the homeowners from bugs or critters, while allowing them to feel engulfed in nature at its finest.

In the construction of this monster screen enclosure you’ll notice beams running in multiple directions, which is rather unique, however necessary to accommodate the shape and size of this structure.

This beast was built by Lundy Screen Rooms & Hurricane Protection..

I believe it’s the massive size of this enclosure that has gotten it on the list of most interesting screens in West Palm and Boca. To prove its majesticness, take a look at the tall pine trees that line the structure along the back, and how they are situated below the roof of the porch.

When inside this screen enclosure, I am most certain you’d forget that there is a cage binding you from the wild outdoors! This may be the largest enclosure we’ve come across to date. Replacing the roof panels of this enclosure will be one tough job!

This is another monstrocity of a screen enclosure in the West Palm Beach / Boca Raton area by Lundy Screen Rooms & Hurricane Protection.

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    Would a screened garden solve the problem? will the iguanas burrow under the screen? does the screen provide too much shade for vegetables and flowers? would we have to install a cement patio with raised beds, or can the screen go over a lawn and garden? Thanks for your experienced insight!

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