Why Re-Screens Require a Contractors License

Why Re-Screens Require a Contractor’s License

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It’s about that time. You may have noticed your screens starting to sag a bit, maybe they have become discolored or torn. There are too many damaged sreen panels to just repair a few, so you are considering a full rescreen, which is the wisest choice both economically and aesthetically. The first step in your process is finding a “licensed” contractor to complete the job. Although it would be nice, this is far from your average DIY project. The nature of the work is pretty high risk and intense when you are working on the roof panels. It takes skill and knowledge to complete a rescreen, and you will want to make sure the team you hired is professional, as well as tate and county certified.

Here is  what you need to know:

  • Your deposit money needs to be secured. You are trusting a company with quite a bit of money for your home improvement project.. Most likely you will leave a 50% deposit before the job begins, and you will want to make sure this money as being placed with a reputable company. Do you know how many lawsuits have arisen from the construction industry alone from customers who paid a deposit, and never saw a day of work? Nor a penny back refunded? It happens way too often because fly by night companies exist. They may not even do it on purpose, but they just don’t have the resources or workers to complete the job, they borrow from Peter to pay Paul, and then they run out of funds. Leaving you with a deficit, the burden of a lawsuit, and an incomplete job. Make sure the company is licensed. You have less of a chance of loosing your money.
  • You need to make sure the company is insured. The nature of the rescreen is a risky job. Workers will be 12 feet up in the air on scaffolds, and you will want to make sure they are insured, have workers comp and are licensed. If not, and there is an accident on your property, you will be held responsible. People who are uninformed, and looking for the best deal for their money often fall into this dangerous liability trap. When choosing a company, make sure they have sufficient coverage in place. If you can certify that they are licensed, then most likely, they will be insured as well, but look for that proof. A good business owner who cares about his company’s reputation and customer satisfaction, will indeed take all appropriate measures to ensure his company is operating legally and efficiently.
  • The significance of a contractor’s license. Getting a contractors license requires business intellect and professionalism. To get a license, you must pass a finance and business law test.  You also need to be able to pass a criminal background check, and a financial stability check with a credit score of 670, you may have  no judgements against you, and no affiliations with any bankruptcy companies among other things. After the test and other requirements are met, there is a long application to complete and submit. It has been said that about 20% of people who pass the tests,  never apply for the license due to the tedious procedure. This will be a great indication to you of the type of commitment the licensed company you hired has, and usually will be reflected in their work ethics and business contracts.
  • There are great unlicensed tradesmen, however……There are great tradesman who do not have a contractor’s license. However, in the screen enclosure business it is not uncommon to see many of them make $1500-$2000 in a week (yes, I promise that’s how much they can make) get paid on a Friday, then not show up on Monday because they can’t afford the gas money to fill their cars to get to work.  We see too many cases of drugs, alcohol and jail time in the mix. Unfortunately, these are the same guys that are rolling around in a truck, trying to sell you a re-screen while they are not licensed.

Let’s face it. It is NOT impossible to get a license, if the company can not do that, or has lost it, then they are definitely not a company to be trusted. It is not a safe or wise risk to be taken both financially or liability wise. When  you search for the company to conduct your rescreen project, the bottom line is: Make sure they are licensed and insured.


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