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I was recently sent the following photo and question for help from a reader:

I bought a house with a fairly new tile roof and a screen enclosure that connects to a gutter.  When it rains watter is leaking through the side of the enclosure and draining off the side of the house.  A contractor told me the only way to fix this is to replace the entire enclosure, at a cost of $20,000 or so.  Is this my only option?

  1. You should see a large gap here a few inches wide, where the super gutter is.  On this enclosure you see only a mere crack (if you look closely).  A tile roof has covered the tiny 4″ super gutter.
  2. Since water cannot go into the super gutter.  This aluminum kneewall is acting as dam holding water on the roof.

First lets talk about what the issue is.  One method of connecting screen enclosures top a house are with a super gutter.  Thats what this one has.  A tile roof has been put on that overhangs the super gutter.  In this case it is an extreme overhang and the tile roof covers nearly the whole gutter.  The pool cage has an aluminum knee wall adjacent to gutter.  Because of this, there is only a half inch at most for water to drain into.  That’s no match for even a mild rain.

If the knee wall were not there water would simply fall over the gutter and on to the deck.  In this case the knee wall is acting as a dam and the rain water is held up on the roof.  Some of it leaks through the knee wall, some of it runs to the side of the house, and most of it probably sits idle on the roof until it can weasel through the little crack into the gutter.

The super gutter used on this house was a 4″ super gutter.  Alternative sizes are 5″ and 7″.  A 7″ used initially would have prevented this entire problem.  That was then, and this is now.

This Super Gutter & Pool Enclosure Issue

Putting in a 7″ super gutter or switching to a different host connection is what needs to be done.  Due to the way this enclosure is connected with a kneewall, it would take so much time dismantling, cutting, and re-assembling, that replacement is the lowest cost option.  On some enclosures a larger gutter could be done but they are still rather pricey usually starting at $2000 on a simple, small enclosure.

If you’re considering a new enclosure ask for a 7″ super gutter it will be a few hundred dollars more than standard but it eliminates potential future issues if you get a new roof or the pitch of your roof and angle of your fascia makes it remotely likely that water will not make it in.

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  • My gutter just started leaking like crazy all of the sudden but I don’t want to replace my enclosure, could it just be the soffit?

  • It looks like the wood is starting to rot since I have an older house I thought the gutter could be sagging. It doesn’t look level. Its leaking like crazy and it never used to.

  • hello,
    Having a birdcage installed with a super gutter. They took the super gutter and mated it up to the existing gutter at the end of the birdcage. They are different shapes. What can be done to keep the water from cascading down over the side of the house where the 2 meet?

    • Hello RT. Yes super gutter and regular gutter are different shapes! They can be mated together or buttued right up against eachother, but I’m not sure where the problem would occur. Please provide some further insight, and maybe a link to a photo.

  • Had my gutters cleaned. they told me that thrre were only 2 small holes for the water to drain from the gutter into the downspout. the holes are si small a golf nall can not get through. is this the correct way to do it or are the opefnings to small?

    • Good question Don, I would say the holes should be a little larger than that. Nearly the width of the gutter.

  • I am having a super gutter attached to my pan roof. They want to put support post directly underneath the super gutter. Should support post go directly under the pan roof or the super gutter? Thanks!

    • It depends on how your structure was engineered. You need to verify that the company you are hiring is using a licensed engineer and getting a permit for this work.

  • Where the screen enclosure attatches to super gutter it leaks water all down the patio. Is it supposed to be chaulked at that seem?

    • It should not leak between the house and the super gutter. Now the beams of the actual screen enclosure that connect to the super gutter; those will get water in them which will drip out right there. It’s not really a leak because it is not supposed to be water tight.

    • We had a open screen top enclosure over our patio. We got an aluminum cover over the top for protection from the Florida sun & rain. All the support beams now drip for days after a rain. Any suggestions to stop the drips on my patio furniture & guest.

      • I have done many super gutter repairs and they are always a pain in the butt. When it comes to those leaky supports, I was to drill a 1/4 inch hole on each beam or support near the lowest point. That way when it rains, it will come out and not sit in it dripping through a tiny rusted screw hole. Someone asked me, “why would I want a hole in each beam? It’s going to run all over my pool deck. Duh, your pool is outside getting wet anyways. You just want to prevent the water from producing rust that leaves a stain.

  • Ken,

    Thanks for the post!

    To the point:
    Do you happen to know where I could wide mouth down spout like this? I’m in the Tampa area.

    I could make this work, but its only 3″ deep, my super gutter is 5″ and I’d like to have something specifically made for the super gutter that is as wide as I can get : )
    Or should I just use the one in the link and make it work?

    Drawn out:
    I have a 5″ Super gutter (wish previous homeowner went larger), but I’ve had a number of people come out and say upgrading to 7″ won’t solve my problem, which is my roof (approx 1500sqft) is going into one gutter/downspout isn’t going to ever be able to handle the Fl rain season.

    They suggested adding another downspout and see how it works.

    My other problem is leaf and pollen clogging up my downspout hole.
    I’ve extended the hole as large as the gutter can go (3×4) and its better, but still need more because it still can get clogged.

    I tried getting a wide mouth downspout, but they seem to only make them for K style gutters.
    I’m good with the debris going down the gutter (I build my own catch basin filter that works great), but I need a wide mouth to allow everything down.

    Do you happen to know where I could get one, maybe even custom made? I’m in the Tampa area.

    Thank you,

  • I have a super gutter that runs across the length of the house 75 feet,downspout on each end.One side has a 22 degree pitch to it into the downspout which can’t handle all the water which spills over the end cap like a waterfall.Can you help me?Thanks,Freddie

  • The gutters around my pool enclosure are waterfalls, the water runs off the roof and pours onto the patio furniture . S a result Theres water damage under the soffits,

  • I am having issues with the fascia rotting along the pool cage side, the house I bought years ago has a unique design. Is there a way to replace the fascia without moving the whole cage, as I was told needed to be done? Is there a way to remove it bc it’s so rotted and replace it from the underneath side? Thank you

  • Hi, It looks like I’m going toI need to replace my supergutter. Roofer screwed it up when they reattached it to the fascia after redoing the roof, and now I”m getting leaks all over. They didn’t level it and put in a lot of new holes, and I suspect didn’t bother to seal anything. Disaster.

    I’m in Miami, Florida (Palmetto Bay). 305-969-7273 to call, or email: martagill@aol.com – ref. super gutter please.


  • You can add another downspout right next to the existing one and run them side by side down to drain.
    Another option is what I am doing in the morning. 1st time!
    This Linai has 2 Supergutters. 1 runs north and south. The other runs East and west. They do not meet as one is higher than the other so the longest run overflows the endcap because the gravel on the roof causes a dam and the gutter is pitched in the wrong direction. I’m sure the 117lbs of ravel I pulled out had nothing to do with the sagging. Lol
    What I am doing is adding a 3rd Supergutter. The lower one which is sagging is getting some help. I will cut a 2.5” hole in the bottom 3 inches from the end. I will then drill 2 holes that are 1/2” wide on the bottom of the supergutter. I will also use the same drill it and drill 2 holes in the new Supergutter. This is so I can put 2 threaded hangers in so the new one hangs from the old one right next to the endcap. This will run in the same direction as the higher one with no problems so it will be perpendicular. I will brace the lower to the upper half way down,(19’ total) and again on the end. This new gutter will only be about 3-4” below the problem one. It will run right out with the top one and have it’s own downspout
    Basically an overflow route but looks like the rest and also seems to belong there. If anyone likes this idea, don’t forget to seal any supports and screws. If you ever have a Supergutter that just won’t quit leaking, my final option is Herculiner. It’s the stuff they use to make spray or roll in bedliners for trucks.

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