How to Host a Fun Backyard Barbeque

How to Host a Fun Backyard Barbeque

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Yes, our area of expertise is most definitely screen enclosures, lanais, and porches  But what is the first thing you usually think of when you hear those words? That’s right! Backyard Barbeque! And almost nothing beats a backyard barbeque party where great memories are made and even better times are had. If you are preparing for a party in your backyard, you are in for treat and lots of fun. Although it could be a lot of work, we are going to show you how to make your time as host more of enjoyable than the official roles of “caterer or event planners”. Even the host can have a good time!

Tips for Hosting a Backyard Barbeque and Having Fun While Doing it.

  • Be smart about your set up. It is a great idea for organization to have two tables, one for the food and drinks, and one for the dining. Keeping the menu to hamburgers, hot dogs and corn on the cob makes everyone’s life easier, and keeps guests quit happy. We highly recommend you use the screened in porch to set up the food table to eliminate unwanted bugs. Ewww! Nothing worse than flies around the food! Keep all your condiments on the dining tables.
  • Don’t waste money or time on fancy decorations. Using simple pots of herb from your kitchen window sill make great outdoor decorations. Easy can be elegant, too!
  • Want to enjoy the party to the maximum as the host? Don’t offer any drinks that call for ice or mixers unless you want to spend the time refilling ice buckets and restocking the bar. Settle for bottled beer in the cooler, or containers of sangria. They are the perfect outdoor drinks.
  • Send leftover food home with the guests as they leave, it will eliminate some of your after party clean up duties, and double up as an adult party favor.

Some Party Must-Have’s

  • If your party will go into the night, set up some festive white Christmas lights in the porch area or backyard using stakes. It will create great outdoor evening ambiance.
  • Torches are fantastic for an outdoor evening party , and a great alternative to the lighting mentioned above. They can also double as mosquito repellants.
  • The great thing about having a screened in porch is that you can eliminate the interaction with all the bugs! However, with the door opening and closing so often during party time, some may slip in. It is a good idea to have insect repellant around the area so that guests can use it as they please with need. An even better iidea is to use repellant towelettes to avoid overspray onto food, or other guests.
  • Play some games! It is not that often that adults get to hang back and play games. Great options for the more mature audience include Bocce Ball, Cornhole, Crazy Croquet, or outdoor bowling. For the wild ones, you could bust out the kids Twister game, but that’s up to you!

Best Burgers on the Block

Want to leave a really good impression? Get a bit fancy with your hamburgers Remember for the best tastes, use freshly ground meat or at least very fresh from your butcher or supermarket. Grass-fed and organic ground meats are always more flavorful and are your best bets. Google the following recipes for a spin on the traditional hamburger:

  • Spiced Pork Burgers With Grilled Peppers and Provolone
  • Ginger-Scallion Salmon Burgers With Miso Yogurt, similar to crab cakes
  • Beef, Bacon and Egg Burger, here the bacon is mixed in with the beef, making it extra juicy
  • Mushroom Burger With Fontina and Cornichon Relish, add two portobellos per burger
  • Lamb Burgers With Tangy Fennel Slaw, something very different
  • Cheddar Turkey Burgers With Mashed Avocado, the cheese and avocado make for a great tasting burger

And there you have it! The key to hosting a memorable event  in your backyard and screen enclosure. Enjoy!

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