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Home Improvements with Screen Projects

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Thinking of ways to amp up your home but running out of ideas? Or maybe you’re just tired of the insects and frogs that keep randomly showing up in your property uninvited. Those are nothing one screen project won’t solve!

To the latter, screens are the obvious choice of deterrent. But if you’re still unsure about how your house would look good after a screen installation, we’ll show you in this post. These are the best screen projects to consider if you’re looking to improve your home’s value, your outdoor lifestyle, and the pest situation in your outdoor space.

Pool Cage

A pool cage makes your home the best summer destination especially for a family with kids or grandkids. A new structure is a big investment that will take away a significant amount, but if you’re able to get past that hurdle, the process of getting one built for you is easy especially with specialized contractors who are familiar with this stuff.

Best Qualities of a Pool Cage

  • Big extended family area
  • Safe and unbothered outdoor space
  • Cleaner pool and surrounding areas

Picture Window Conversion

A picture window conversion turns the side of your screen enclosure into a big wall of just screens without aluminum members. Regular screen enclosures would usually have a chair rail and some vertical members every few feet.

A picture window gets rid of those and gives you a perfect view of the outside of your house, as if there’s no barrier of screen in between. This is becoming as popular as the default design of pool cages. If you already have one, this is a small but worthy upgrade that will make a big difference.

Best Features of a Picture Window Conversion

  • Clear, unobstructed views
  • Better ventilation
  • More attractive screen enclosure design

Patio Screen

Screen Enclosure

Groomed up patios in movies are great and patio inspiration images in Google look nice, but they hide the reality of an open patio: the insects, the mess when the weather goes a little bit intense, and the lack of privacy. Screening in your patio is a good move if you want a better home for your family or better host to your friends during gatherings.

Best Features of a Patio Screen

  • Extension of your indoor living space
  • Specific area to host visiting guests
  • A lounge area devoid of the common distractions in a living room

Front Entryway Screen

Your front entryway is most likely the first thing that people see of your house. It’s also the area with the most activity as people go in and out all the time. Screening in this small area may seem a little unnecessary, but it makes a world of difference when you don’t have to worry about insects getting into your house every time you open your door. Don’t worry about appeal because some front entryway screens come with designs to add character to your own.

Best Features of a Front Entryway Screen

  • Prevents insects inside the house
  • Added design to your front entryway
  • More privacy in your front door area

Undertruss Lanai Screen

An undertruss lanai screen is as popular as a screen enclosure itself, only more subdued. For wall openings that feel a little too open for comfort, undertruss lanai is the best solution. It makes you feel more secure against pesky bugs and it gives you a direct view of the outdoors even from right inside your home.

Undertruss lanai is also a part of a screen enclosure installation if the homeowner has a roofed lounge connecting the indoor space to the pool area. The lanai goes on the side wall where a concrete pillar may separate it from the pool cage itself.

This just reinforces the versatility of undertruss lanai. It can be installed no matter the shape of the opening and is usually used for both big and small properties.

Best Features of an Undertruss Lanai Screen

  • Clear view without aluminum members
  • Versatile product
  • Comes cheaper than an enclosure

Screen Room

Have a big open area in your backyard that you’ve no idea how to use? There’s no pool but perhaps the space is big enough for an extended room connected to your house. You can maximize that space better with a screen room.

A screen room is like a screen enclosure, but with an insulated composite roof. The roof is 3-inches thick with a sturdy composition that can hold at least one man’s weight. it’s designed to be quieter when it’s pouring during thunderstorms but also make the space underneath cooler when the sun is at the highest point in the sky during the day.

Best Features of a Screen Room

  • Flexible in size or dimensions
  • Utilized space in your backyard
  • Extra room for play for family with small kids

Screen Enclosure Restoration

Screen enclosure restorations come last in this list because it can be done to any kind of screen structure you have. If you have any one of these screens installed in your home, it’s essential to have the materials replaced every few years, most especially if it was made with builder’s grade materials.

A screen enclosure restoration is probably the most affordable option here but also the most important of all. Maintenance is vital in any part of the house. A restoration procedure includes replacing missing or rusting screws and fasteners, painting the metal enclosure, and re-screening all the panels.

Best Features of a Screen Enclosure Restoration

  • Almost brand new look
  • Stronger structure
  • Better resistance to external factors

Screen Projects Make the Best Home Improvements

For a place like Florida, screens are like a desperate need because of the weather that allows insects to multiply fast. It’s one of the most common concerns of people without screen enclosures or structures.

It doesn’t only improve your outdoor experience, it also enhances your quality of life especially when your enclosure motivates you to go out more, even if only a few steps from your indoor space, or to host more family and friend gatherings at your place.

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