can a lanai be added onto house

Can a Lanai be Added Onto a House

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Can a Lanai be Added Onto a House?

Yes, it can! A lanai can be added onto the house, and it is a very common and simple addition for homeowners to incorporate as it does not require adding on to the roof, or installing a truss extension. Many new homes do not come with lanais and these homeowners are missing out on all the great benefits that come along with having this type of out door room.

What differentiates a lanai from a screened in porch?

Most often the lanai is built with an aluminum roof, creating an indoor type atmosphere, outdoors. Many screen enclosures, such as the ones that commonly cover the pool, are completely built with aluminum beams and screen from top to bottom, with no permanent roofing structure to keep out the rain or provide full shade.

What are the steps in getting a screen enclosure built? There are a couple of steps you will what to take if you are considering building a lanail.

  • Find and verify a construction company that is licensed and insured. They will provide you with the best service, results and a guarantee. You can find state licensed and certified companies directly on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation website.
  • Check for customer reviews on the the company to ensure they provide quality service and work ethics. You will want both! To make sure the reviews are official and authentic, check on google reviews and BBC.
  • Check with your HOA before beginning any home improvement projects. Plans cost money and are not refundable after the engineer has done their part to survey and draw up designs. Communication with your HOA in the very early phases of research will establish what can or cannot be done, long before you contact a contractor to arrive on site.
  • Make sure your idea is feasible. Local zoning ordinances prohibit what you can build and where you can build it on your lot. A survey of the property is usually recommended and needed to be reviewed or a new one ordered to determine exactly what is feasible within zoning constraints.
  • Next, the company you have chosen will need to pull permits to work at your house. This will most likely be the most time consuming part of the entire procedure, but it is a legal requirement, and can not be skipped.
  • The final steps are the actual construction of the site. With in no time at all, you will have a magnificent outdoor room to enjoy family and friend events protected from bugs and harmful sun rays.

What’s next?

Now that you have a completed lanai to enjoy, there is one thing left to do. Decorate and accessorize your new room!  You will want furniture such as outdoor chairs and sofas to lounge on. Make sure the cushions are water resistant and are made with 100% polyester or a solution dyed acrylic. This will ensure your furniture doesn’t mold, frill or fade quick. You may also want to set up an entertainment system with a radio or TV to enjoy movies at night under the stars, and cool, fresh air.  Some additional items homeowners place in the lanai are:

  • Jacuzzis
  • Fire pits
  • An abundance of natural plants
  • Lighting
  • Fans
  • Fake wood floors

With a little creativity, the lanai can become the new favored room in the house where all gatherings take place. We spend many evenings dining, drinking and socializing outside day or night at our family events. Outdoors, yet free from bugs, rain and sun.


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  • Hello Kenneth,
    We have a 2-storey house in Davenport, Florida, in Highlands Reserve. We have a full pool cage, but no lanai. We would like to be able to enjoy sitting outside at the table, even during the rain, but can’t. Is it possible to build a lanai onto an existing house? If so, what types of lanai’s are possible, since it wouldn’t have been installed when the house was built?

  • Hi, we would love to have our existing patio closed in with a metal roof and screens. We live in Englewood Florida. Can’t seem to find anyone cat will do that. Could you possibly help? Do you know anyone in my area that could do it? I would appreciate a reply. Thank you so very much. Rita and Jerry

  • Hi, we have used a reputable company, Benchmark Aluminum, for a new screen room with roof addition to our new ly constructed home. All went well but the roof leaks at almost all panel seams. They have been out 3times and aded downspouts and roofing paper over seams…it still leaks in the same places always. They see them in a water test. They are coming again. We paid top dollar. Any idea how they can fix this?? Thanks.

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