Best Barbecue Grills: High-end and Affordable Models For Each Type

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Are you planning on having a summer cookout for your housewarming party? Not sure about which barbecue grill to get?

Most people have to research and then locate the right model for them, especially if they are buying an expensive product. It must be difficult for you to go through this process, especially with your mind still preoccupied or worn out after moving into a new home. What makes it even harder is that there are different types of barbecue grills – so you don’t know which one is best for your new home.

To help you decide, we listed the four most common types of barbecue grills and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. You’ll also find links of the best models for both the pricey and affordable range. There’s a summary for each one, so you can choose between the top of the line grill or the economical option.

Before we start on the list, some factors you can consider is the grill’s effect on flavor, the average number of people who will eat, your storage space, maintenance level, and style.

Gas Grills

The gas grill is the most popular type because of how easy it is to control the cooking temperature. It’s easy to turn on and then immediately ignites with just a press of a button.

It is one of the best options for people who frequently love to have backyard barbecue parties since it’s a low-maintenance and hassle-free griller. It’s easier to clean than the charcoal grill, but gas doesn’t burn as hot as charcoal and doesn’t give the same smoky flavor. On the plus side, gas is often cheaper than charcoal.

Since this grill is powered by gas, you will need to have space for a tank or maybe have a gas line installed. If you do hook it to a line, it will be harder for you to move the grill.

5 burners, comes with a side burner and rotisserie burner

Even temperature across the cooking area

625 square inches of cooking surface

3 burners, 529 square inches of cooking surface

Charcoal Grill

Since charcoal grill burns hotter than gas grills, it gives the meat a smokier and more barbecue flavor. You need to have time and patience if you opt for this grill. It takes longer for the charcoal and the grill to get hot as well as cool down.

It will also be harder to control the temperature and you have to continuously add charcoal to maintain a certain heat, especially when you’re cooking a lot. There is also a chance that charcoal ashes might get on your food.

It already takes long enough to grill, you also need more time to clean it. It’s messier to operate his grill than the gas or electric grill.

At least, there is a lower chance for flare-ups if you get this type and it’s more portable than the gas grill. You don’t have to stay in one spot!

Comes with an electronic gas ignition system

363 square inches of cooking area

Wood handle, side shelf and side air vent

250 square inches of cooking area

Pellet Grills

Not many people know about the pellet grill. It is a grill fueled by hardwood pellets from wood scraps. Similar to the charcoal grill, burning the pellets enhance the smoky-tasting flavor of the meat.

But the advantage of the pellet grill over charcoal is that it gets hot faster and its temperature can be regulated. Aside from grilling and barbecuing, you can also use this type for roasting, baking, and braising.

Compared to the charcoal grill where you need to continuously add for it to maintain heat, the pellet grill’s flame doesn’t die out in hours. The downside is that the pellets are expensive and hard to locate.

Cooks at versatile temperatures

Comes with a digital temperature controller

418 square inches of cooking area

WiFi-enabled controller

Portable and foldable – legs turn to handles

Electric Grill

If you prefer a safer and environmentally friendly grill, you can opt for the electric type. It’s less prone to uncontrolled flare-ups, which is common in gas and charcoal grills. You also don’t have to worry about fire accidents or any gas leak.

The electric grill is less expensive and has a cheaper power source. You can just plug it in and then get started cooking. This type is also more portable – you can bring it indoors, outdoors, or even to a family outing in another state.

You don’t need a large space to have this type of grill. It’s easier to clean and maintain than the other types, sometimes there are even models that are dishwasher-safe. But the flavor and quality of the meat won’t be as good as the other three types. Since it has a more limited heat range, the quality of the grilled meat will be different.

200 square inches of cooking surface

Comes with a portable wooden side table

Two grilling options: traditional grilling and rotisserie grilling.

Can be set to different temperatures for

Cooking rare, medium, and well-done at the same time

240 square inches of cooking surface

Can make 15 servings, non-stick coating, removable stand

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