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9 Benefits of a Screen Enclosure You Might Not Have Realized!

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If you own a pool or a backyard in Florida, a screen enclosure is a must. With the combination of Florida’s climate, the bugs, and the wonderful, yet extremely hot sun, many homeowners are motivated to install a screen pool enclosure. They offer so many benefits to your home and living environment. Below you will find a list of the top reasons owning a screen enclosure would benefit you:

  1. Great for Pets

    A great place for your pets to relax in a safe outside environment. You don’t have to worry about them chasing after squirrels and getting lost. One of the things we are frequently seeing is a ‘dog run’ or grassy area inside the enclosure. Also, many bird owners allow their birds to fly free inside the screen enclosure. Petscreen is the best screen for this.  We cover more about pets, and the materials in our blog post on this topic here.

  2. Outdoor Dining

    Screen enclosures not only make a great outdoor experience for pets, us humans can enjoy a nice, clean, bug and dirt free outdoor setting as well! Outdoor dining can be enjoyed by all without the nuisance of mosquitoes, flies and excessive heat.

  3. Keeping Critters OUT!

    We talked about keeping the pets in, now we must mention keeping some unwanted critters out. If you are researching screen enclosures, most likely you live in the south, possibly Florida, where we are home to some amazing wildlife such as the American Alligator, a ton of venomous and non venoumous snakes, turtles, and many more. Although these creatures are great when found in their natural habitat, finding them in your backyard or pool is never fun. And yes, there have been alligators found in Florida pools!

  4. Less Cleaning

    Let’s be honest here, no one enjoys cleaning. With a pool enclosure keeping out the majority of leaves, dirt and debris, there will be very little upkeep needed in that respect. You will be able to spend more time enjoying the pool than cleaning it.

  5. Extend the Life of your Pool

    That is right, a screen enclosure will extend the life of your pool in many ways. First, it will prolong the usage of the chlorine applied to the pool making it last longer, also saving you some cash. Second, with the screen enclosure keeping out most of the debris, your filter will not have to work as hard, and will last longer!

  6. Protection from the Sun

    Screen enclosures provide a significant amount of protection from the sun’s UV rays. The sun will definitely be shining in, but you won’t have to worry as much about reapplying that sunscreen every 30 minutes. This will protect you skin, and cut down those harmful rays that cause sunburn and other damaging health issues. Your time outdoors in the hot Florida sun will be healthier, and a bit more bearable.

  7. Add Style


    You can get a pretty cool looking screen enclosure that adds style to your backyard and home. There are a variety of options to choose from, and most installation companies have their own set of engineers and designers to create something unique and special, tailored to each homeowner’s specific taste. To top it off, if you do not enjoy the view from your enclosure, you can even choose a scenic screen mural or decorative accents. We’re talking waterfalls, palm trees or very realistic chair rails bordering the entire enclosure.

  8. Privacy

    The Patio Scenes not only provide style, they also provides an option to create the ambiance you desire while providing privacy from outsiders. Many times homes are located extremely close to one another, and privacy is invaded. If you are one to cherish your private family time, and are irritated by the nosey neighbors, these state-of-the-art digital prints are molecularly bonded on your screen, and can not be seen through.  In other cases your best bet for privacy is some type of blinds that mount to the pool enclosure or privacy trees.

  9. Value to Your Pool Area

    In most cases, adding a lanai and or pool enclosure to your home increases your home value by about 50% of the total project cost. Not only do you receive all the benefits listed above, you actually gain back money through the property value of your home.

A screen enclosure is an investment. According the National Association of realtors New Patio’s see a 100% cost recovery (the report is interesting and worth a check out) You see a return on your money in property value, there are health benefits, as well as maintenance benefits to the pool itself. There will be less cleaning, less bugs, less sunscreen, and more enjoyment by all! Pool owners will definitely enjoy the benefits of having a screen enclosure.

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  • I find it appealing that you considered that a pool enclosure protects you from sunburns. If there’s something I have about outdoors, it is dealing with sunburns. I’m so glad I came across your article to find the benefits of an enclosure. I will definitely consider hiring a local qualified contractor in the future. How fascinating!

  • I never that an eclosure could make your pool last longer! My sister just recently got a pool build for her home and she was wondering if she should have a screen enclosure for it. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so she can know the benefits of a screen enclosure!

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